Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We are what we do

Action speaks louder than words. It’s really that simple.

A host of factors determines what we do, influencing or motivating our everyday actions. Some of these factors include our instincts, responses to, for example: fear; curiosity; and aggression. Other factors include societal and cultural attitudes of where we live. Thus our behaviours are directed at fitting into the various societal roles.... we’re mothers, fathers sisters, daughters, sons etc etc… as well as fulfilling any other roles we may have set for ourselves…. Dr, manager, secretary, director, friend, priest etc etc.

Despite the various roles we undertake at any given time, a far better measure and reflection of who we are, what we think, feel, concentrate on most - is reflected in our actions. For example, the Priest/Imam spotted behind the 7’s machine at Grandwest… the CEO spotted coming out of Adult World… the gadget geek seen volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

So- my point boils down to the old story of book and cover. For instance, just because I wear all the religious regalia – does not necessarily mean I’m deeply religious. It may just be what I’d like people to think of me and who I am. However, a much better reflection of my being religious would be evident in the articles I write, classes I attend or teach, ceremonies and stuff I engage in.

So- whatever role… or roles… you playing in life- your actions are most often the truest reflection of who you are. No matter how you dress, where you eat, who you hang with... what we ultimately do is by far a more accurate reflection of who exactly we are.

(Picture courtesy of danwallacemusic.com http://is.gd/bqYRN)


  1. This is so true..

    I actually had a real life experience about this.

    Amazing how life changes you.. When I was single I was what some would call mad..but I had an energy to my personality.. Therefore I was surrounded by many ...or should I say many wanted to surround me..Now I have changed to become somewhat more sublime and amazingly enough it's me who now chooses my company, and I have really become choosy, actually I have discovered myself.....

    Could this be the role I have been assigned to "married woman"..It comes with so much responsibilities that one sometimes cease to realise that you exist as well..And you push yourself to the back to show your new self..

    Creepy hey..

  2. My dad always says: "You only have one name, treasure it, because once it is gone, you will struggle all your life to get it back."
    Thank you for not judging anyone by their exterior, you are a truly genuine, loyal friend.