Monday, May 10, 2010

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

Its easy to procrastinate, give-up when things get tough, be rude when someone else is, make excuses and dump blame… little white lies here and there… or the big ones that we’d rather not be reminded of.

Question: Why do we lie to ourselves?

I think we lie to merely find the easy way out of a pickle. By choosing the easy way we find that quick solution… or that temporary patch. It may help for now… still the waters, but down the line is another story altogether. With every lie you convince yourself of - you not only become that lie’s slave but also freely give away your strength. Why?

Because it takes strength to do what you know you should do… to follow through the obstacles and challenges of our paths. It takes commitment and persistence to work on those difficult problems particularly. “I can’t” and “I couldn’t ever” are just some of the most common lies we love telling ourselves. Yet every time we succumb to some lie we give away our strength and instead opt for the easy way out. But really now- how fruitful can all this possibly be?

There are no true easy or free rides in my opinion. Great accomplishments require great effort and strength. And this strength is built every single time you do what know you must do…. whether you feel like it, want to… or not. It takes far more strength to be persistent than to simply dismiss or ignore something.

… moral of da story… It’s a poor idea to lie yourself for whatever reason. You’re only slowing down the realisation of your dreams.


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  1. By lying to yourself you just make the burden of guilt bigger...