Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It’s better to practice a little than talk a lot….

How easy…. how easy it is to pay lip service with possible good intentions… expressing our dreams and hopes … the wants and don’t wants… and how easy it is for it all to go down the drain when not backed by some action and thus just remain a dream.

Maybe it’s the instrument you’d love to play… the writer’s block that just won’t go away… the empire you dream of building… the travel destination you so long for…. it can be anything. It surely is nice to dream, but what about making it happen. How do we go about making the impossible happen. So here’s a little story of my own.

Once upon a time… I had this dream… to travel abroad. With no idea how to achieve it… it seemed like the impossible at the time. So a friend and I decided that that is exactly what we’ll do… dare to dream the impossible.

And did it work… did we get it right… of course we did! It took much sacrifice and discipline to realise this dream. Over time we saved and scrunched, pulled strings we didn’t know we had…to make this dream a reality. The result, we travelled some of Europe and had the time of our lives. With that dream realised… I knew the impossible is certainly possible when you put your mind, focus and, most importantly, action behind it. So lesson- its better to practice a little than talk a lot… apparently lip service does not realise dreams.

We talk and nauseate over the details at length… chat about the wonderful intentions and are ultimately left with 1 of 2 options:

1. Continue paying lip service to dreams and wait for that miracle that will make it happen.
2. Take some sort of action to realise your dream.

If you’re the patient kinda person… I’d say take option 1. It’s great for carving the dream to perfection. Only glitch is the waiting for the miracle to happen part. But heck… you have your whole life so why not just keep dreaming and waiting and who knows what might happen.

If you’re the not so patient kinda person… not quite into sitting idle, waiting for things to happen… you may want to consider option 2. Honestly – its not gonna bring instant results… but with one small action towards achieving that dream you’re on your way to making that impossible very possible.

And now for another little story…

Once upon a time… somebody dreamed that the 2010 Soccer World Cup tournament would be hosted on African soil… the end.

(Pic: http://blogs.mix947.com/files/2009/01/yappydog.jpg)


  1. Need I say....... This was heartwarming and it also opened up a few webs in my closet.. The want...the dream...I almost forgot that dreams can be realised.

    Thanks buddy this was truly inspirational..


  2. .... was just thinking... besides our stint ne... u r living another dream of your own right now... think about it...toodles

  3. LOVE the pic...bietjie scary...
    Jys mooi!! And indeed we did put action to our World Cup dream, well written...