Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two people walk out of a building and into a story

As usual, Joe and Andy both left the building at 5pm sharp. This particular day, however, both Joe and Andy didn’t say a word on the train ride home. That was a first. With hearts weighing heavy, brains working overtime, they had an all important decision to make before the next morning. This decision would change the story of their lives.

That afternoon Mr Gerhard Taylor, the managing director, called Joe in and informed him that he would be leaving YO-YO Inc. at the end of the following month in order to take up another business opportunity. He explained that he would need someone to fill his shoes and confidently manage YO-YO Inc. along with its 300 employees and demanding Board of Directors. The position would entail much work beyond the normal working hours in addition to frequently travelling to keep a hand on things with the various suppliers both nationally and abroad. The challenging position would be compensated by an annual salary of R500 000, in addition to all the usual company benefits and any additional needs required by the successful candidate. Mr Taylor then looked Joe straight in the eyes and slowly said he believed Joe was the person for this job, having been employed by YO-YO Inc. for the past 7 years, Joe has certainly proved his mettle. All he needed was some motivation from Joe as why he thought he’d be the right person for the job. He requested that Joe give it some thought and come see him at 10am the next morning. Mr Taylor concluded by adding that he had one more candidate in mind for the position.

Unbeknown to Joe, Mr Taylor had the exact same meeting with Andy and required that Andy come see him at 11am the following morning.

Now sitting in the train, both Andy and Joe did their mental calculations. Motivating their abilities would certainly not be the problem. The decision, however, would certainly change the course of their lives and careers, but is it what they wanted?

Joe couldn’t help but think of the enormous responsibility that would come with the position. Was he ready for such a challenge? What about his family time as this would certainly be affected? What if he couldn’t meet the Board’s expectations? What if he messed up, would he then lose his job? Would that be worth the risk of earning a fat salary? It certainly seemed like a great offer, but “am I ready for this challenge and what if the risks ain’t worth it? And, just imagine the stress!” Joe mulled, nearly missing his stop, greeted Andy, hopped of the train and continued the mulling.

On the other hand, Andy was bursting with excitement. He too thought of the enormous responsibility and the risks he would be required to carry on behalf of YO-YO Inc. Travelling often might hinder some family time, but surely he could make up for it with careful time management. Would the Board be happy with his outputs? “Well, I’ll never know unless I try I suppose… if I pass up this opportunity, it may never come my way again”. The more Andy considered the challenging offer, the more he thought “you’re on Mr Taylor!! I have no idea what I’m really in for, but I’m definitely up for the challenge!”

At 4.30pm the following day, YO-YO Inc. employees gathered for an urgent announcement Mr Taylor was to make. He started by thanking everyone for their hard work in making YO-YO Inc. the success it had become. He announced his upcoming departure and expressed that YO-YO Inc. would be left in very capable hands. “These hands certainly have the potential of elevating the YO-YO Inc. story and taking it to higher levels. I am thus proud to announce that Andy will soon be your new MD. Please give him a round of applause”. In concluding, he added a final message to YO-YO Inc. employees “… and always remember the words of Sister Mary Corita Kent ‘Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed”.

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  1. Good stuff Andy! This kind of makes me think of wanting to open my own business but not willing to give up my quility time...if you want to play with the big dogs you have to take the fights...well written engel!