Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Insanity and redemption

Have you ever wondered why people indulge in all sorts of atrocities? We open newspapers and read about murders, rape and all sorts of mayhem on a daily basis. I often question… what drives people to commit these acts?

I certainly don’t believe we are born inherently evil. So could it be as a result of one’s life situation? And, since many successful people have overcome dreadful circumstances in their lives, rise above the ashes to meet success; can we really blame our life situation? A perfect example here would only obviously be our former president Nelson Mandela.

So if we not born inherently evil, are capable of overcoming horrendous circumstances, what’s it gonna take for people to stop committing such atrocities?
Author Eckhart Tolle asserts that “humans are a dangerously insane and very sick species. That’s not a judgment, it’s a fact. It is also a fact that sanity is there underneath the madness”.

I admit to not knowing the answers to some of my questions and life can certainly be challenging. However, reminding ourselves of the countless good out there can go some way in finding sanity amidst the madness. Towards redemption, maybe we could visit www.sagoodnews.co.za a little more often.


  1. Thank you for the insight into what we generally disregard.

  2. I think this will remain one thing that many will often contemplate - almost like the nature vs. nurture question. I dont believe that it is a specific incident in life, but rather an accumulation of circumstances and incidents. A person can be an eternal optimist, and 1 event may not change this, but if people continuously disappoint, surely you will lose faith in the end?

  3. Humans beings are very dangerous creatures i've ever meet in my entire life.sometimes you would ask yourself why are you so different?

  4. I have not realised how evil people and life could be, until I moved to the city. There is hope, people just have to make that mind-shift. It is just sad that children are born innocent, but are (many times) raised evil.