Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

Many of us spend hours online and these days – its not just about finding information – it’s also about engaging in conversations and exploring the randomness of the great world wide web. Our hours of browsing and engaging it seems also come with some unexpected consequences – some good…some bad. Here’s my list of some of those consequences:

1. Finding an old school friend from primary or secondary years – I think just about everyone can relate to finding Natasha after 10 years

2. Having an argument with someone you don’t even know – it’s a looooong story, it happened via email and had nothing to do with work

3. “Forgot your password?” … thankfully just about every site is equipped to “reset” those gazillion passwords we accumulate.

4. The joys of online banking!!! – yaaaaaay! Transacting by a coupla clicks here and there has changed paying bills which could take all day to just a few minutes… love it!

5. Checking out reviews of a product or service ahead of a possible purchase – its reeeeaally helpful to know about others experiences when considering something new

6. Freedom of expression!! – I just love the fact that I can air my views, concerns and opinions with no consideration of censorship at all … clearly.

7. The randomness of searching for really random information and actually getting hits – yes midgets can have babies and babies can be perfectly normal.

8. Chatting and catching up with a friend in London, Cayman Islands or India- its like they’re just around the corner and have never left….although ye… nothing beats face to face – miss u Claire!

9. When last have you received a handwritten birthday card?…. a bit of a sentimental-I tend to hold onto these things and loved the little thoughtful notes … precious. These days… Facebook or an email seems to do the trick- its impersonal man!

10. Your whole life splattered across an array of social media networks… there is no such thing as secrets my friend and don’t even try to keep anything to yourself… if its not on your page somewhere – its on a friend’s or somewhere – some poor woman found pics of her husband’s wedding….er yes… her husband’s wedding… what a way to find out.

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  1. Yes you are right, however when you hear from 'Natasha' its the last person you actually want to speak to or hear from!!! Oh YAY for 'reset' of your password... and YAY to google search for allowing me to research anything I need to know. Shabz

  2. Miss you too my friend - loads and loads!!
    Send me your postal address, and I will send you a postcard (keep forgetting to ask for it).