Saturday, August 21, 2010

What motivates me

It really doesn’t take much to excite me and get me going. Mostly this happens because of people and sometimes it’s something I’ve read or seen…. rather random I’d say. Although- much of my inspiration and motivation is drawn from the arts.

I certainly get motivated when something that started out as just a figment of my imagination… is realised. Seeing your ideas come to fruition is a mega booster in my books. And somehow- it provides the steam to keep that train going. And well, I also get motivated when someone recognises or compliments my abilities and efforts. It confirms I’m not too crazy and it’s not just me blowing steam up my @SS:-)

I am motivated by others achieving some goal or dream or even just expressing themselves in some creative manner. Particularly drawn to the arts, creative and performing, I love observing or sharing in others' artistic expressions. Don’t mean to harp- but I’ve mentioned a few times …the time-stopping moment and passions story. It’s motivating to observe expressions of the artistic form as I see it as pure passion in action. Somebody expressing their very own special gift.

For 2 years I was involved in this NGO that worked with teens and the performing arts. One of the programmes we hosted on Fridays was the Jam Session – something like an open mic where anyone and everyone was welcome to express themselves in any art-form. Fridays were certainly something to look forward to in those days. We had hip hop rap performers, poetry, singing, instruments and even a drama piece one particular Friday – one man show playing three different roles. What was so inspiring about these Fridays was that these performers, mostly teens, had no other motivation to be there or to attend or to perform but for the pure love of doing what they did and expressing themselves. Nobody got paid or forced to attend… we merely provided the platform. Content of poems and rap pieces often struck me – about everyday situations and experiences… sometimes very painful. And no copies of famous hits or artists…no! I’m talking raw material and expression. You’d see artists with their little pieces of papers- doing a little private practice session in some corner before their turn. For me this was simply amazing!

People and this mysterious world motivates me – people have so much to offer and this world has so much to be explored.

(Pics: by me)

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