Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If I were the boss

Well… what you mean if??… Yes… that’s more like it… WHEN!!

So when I’m the boss, I would certainly lead by example, “walk the talk” if you will. I honestly believe nothing is more motivating and infectious than good energy and vision seen at work. Conversely, nothing is more off-putting than some d@^%#s sitting on the top floor, giving orders he knows little about him/herself. Too arrogant to listen to suggestions from down below cos heaven forbid- these people might actually be onto something. After all, the business is running itself- "we have good systems in place". Tragically, many strategic decisions these days are often limited to who to include in the next 4-ball…hmmm?

With over 10 years of working experience myself- I’ve had my fair share of bosses and have come to appreciate those rare Granny Smiths among the worm infested beauties … surprise surprise when you bite into the inside! Playing the role will only get you that far dude.

Being the boss is certainly no easy task- taking on enormous responsibilities and bearing the risks that goes along with decisions. It commands discipline, commitment, good vision and intentions, then translating that into action – a vital ingredient.

With the lack of respectable role models in mind, in my humble opinion, is leading by example not the only way to lead?

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  1. Witty and well-written!
    I can see you have had more than one employer...not boss...cause your the boss, ne?!