Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fish falling from the sky...

… reminds me of the unexplained mysteries of our world. I believe realities are often scarier than fiction and often kept under wraps from minds incapable of perceiving it all.

Billions are spent on figuring out some of the greatest mysteries…. Egyptian Pyramids, Secrets of the Ancient Mayan culture, UFO sightings, Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, the unseen world etc etc. Well these are just some of the most popular mysteries out there people quickly identify with.

But what about those not-so-often heard about mysteries. Those never read about mysteries. Our own personal mysteries we’re too afraid to share.

So I’ll be bold and share a little mystery of my own. Some months ago I decided to go and see a “homeopath” that a friend discovered and referred. Let’s just call him Dr., well that’s what I call him. So Dr. is of Indian origin, has been on Cape Town a few months now and already his work is keeping him rather busy. I mentioned “homeopath” as it’s a sort of natural medicine that he practices. Although, as it turns out, it’s much more than natural medicine he appears to practice. To another patient, I in turn referred to him, he explained that he holds a 6-year qualification which constitutes a combination of modern medicine and a traditional medicine known as Unani.

So- what was so amazing or mysterious about it all? I’ll cut the corners of lengthy explanations and take you to the day I went for my first consultation.

I sat next to Dr. on a chair, he only asked my age. I emphasise.... he only asked my age – that’s it. He then proceeded to feel my pulse.... for about 10 to 15 minutes. The remainder of the consultation, I’m afraid to say, I sat with an open jaw trying to fathom how this man could know certain things about me. He told me about problems of my past.... way past like childhood past. He could tell me I had a little operation a few months earlier (this beyond shocked me to say the least). He even mentioned problems with my previous marriage (and I didn’t share the fact that I was married prior to then). He accurately confirmed little symptoms I had which I hadn’t paid much attention to until then. And well, quite a few more shocking things that could only be known to me.

What amazed me was that Dr. was 99% accurate with all his assertions and all this from feeling my pulse and asking my age. How all this could be possible still astounds me.

In his broken English, he kindly explained my physical problems and the causes thereof. He then prescribed a particular diet and requested certain ingredients for my medicine. Ingredients consisted of an array of nuts and honey in specific proportions. Medicine turned out to be a paste I was required to down a teaspoon of everyday.

I may not know or understand the ins and outs of Dr.’s methods, but I certainly have felt a major improvement in my health. The first indication of which was when people close to me physically noticed the difference. And just about everyone else I know (or have subsequently referred) reports a similar experience with Dr.

The mysteries of our world, big and small, are truly amazing, whether we’re able to understand them or not. Increasingly, science and technology tries to elucidate the miraculous and theories are often swallowed whole in the absence of a better explanation.

Fish falling from the sky, a sporadic fact of nature, may then be better left unexplained than diluting its mystery with random theories.


  1. eloquently put sista - wow so insightful...I'm your biggest fan already...

  2. Cant believe I got so far behind on my blog scoring, you are a brilliant team-mate and I adore your bloggs!
    Well done and please, please, pleeeease may I have Dr's details?