Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is the colour of the wind?

The colour you decide to paint with of course.

An uncontrollable force that sweeps up happiness, sorrows and hopes, travels to another region, delivering its colours only to be transformed again and again along its journey.

Winds carry: the hopes of sailors with spices; the pain of death and destruction spread by wildfires; the birth of a unique flower far away from its origin; and the hot-air balloon’s anticipation that you will call 0800…

We go along our humdrums, working hard to make that living and whatever else the everyday may include… often forgetting the why-ness of it all. Yes I need to eat and pay bills, but is this all I have to live for? I think we often times lose sight of the colourful journey along these humdrums. Thus the why-ness carries with it our love, life, sorrows, happiness and the hope of better tomorrows.

So an unexpected yellow wind comes along and provides just the right amount of inspiration to remember a lost dream (hint hint). Shortly thereafter, the pink wind arrived reminding you of the playfulness you so used to love (hint hint). The orange wind brought with it the warmth of real hugs (not the plastic ones) you often dished out to loved ones. Then the black wind arrived, bringing with it the pain of your mother’s departure (another hint?).

To feel is to truly live- good and bad emotions that only come because they were sent, because there just may be something you missed along your journey whilst concentrating on the humdrum. You cannot run away from this wind, for it will find you and deliver the colour it was sent with. The choice is yours…. send it on as if it never arrived (continue on your humdrum) or feel it and repaint in the colour that suits you.

We receive and paint all colours of the wind before sending it on its everlasting journey. Who knows what colour might peak its head today and who knows what colour you may choose to paint, if at all. Since somewhere…. in some unknown place … someone will surely take delivery of the colour of your wind.

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  1. Your blog makes me smile, can see you were really into this one!