Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses

Jack of all trades but master of none. First thing that comes to mind when I thought of strengths and weaknesses.

Our strengths are unique little gifts. That something special about you that makes you you… makes you unique and stands out from the rest of your qualities. Your talents… your passions. It’s that thing you experience when you flow… your time-has-stopped moment when engaged in something you enjoy.

You are also not perfect. There’re those things that you simply don’t enjoy. Like I’ll admit, I’m no guru where numbers are concerned and they certainly don’t make me tick. I have weaknesses.

I’m not sure if there’s some invisible rule that weaknesses are the most terrible things one can encounter cos for some reason – we often spend too much time focusing on weaknesses. “If only I could be more like that” or “If only I was good at….”. “So from today, I’ll spend 1 hour every day working on …..”. Following a painful week or two of forcing yourself to do something you don’t really enjoy. So with all this focusing on what we’re not that great at, is born the Jack of all trades… master of none.

If only… if only we used that time to work on those things we’re actually passionate about. Our natural talents that stand out and didn’t require any effort it seems. We’d not only feel happy and great… engaged in what we naturally enjoy, but also become the master of our talents. Possibly without noticing.

We all have strengths and weaknesses and kindly excuse the cliché, but that’s exactly why no man is an island. If there was no such thing or concept as perfection…. would you still try that hard to be perfect?

Yes we should strive to live a balanced life which is why weaknesses are not to be ignored totally. Yet ignoring a strength in lieu of a weakness could be far more costly to that master in you.

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  1. Should we rather stick with our strenghs or try and better our weeknesses?

  2. ..man... lately I'm thinking screw the weaknesses!!! maybe they'll dissappear whilst focusing on our strengths:-)