Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Try a cliché

… or not I’d suggest. Here I’m steering towards those advertising clichés we’ve all come to know so well. For example…

“Order now and you also get….”
“As seen on TV”
“The lowest prices in town”

Advertisers have long since made use of platitudes and clichés to drive campaigns. I personally doubt these are as effective as they once may have been. Today’s consumer smell sweet talk a mile away. Recall Cluetrain?

Platitude is defined as "a flat, dull, commonplace, or trite remark uttered as if it were true and profound". Cliché is a phrase that is used excessively and has become a bit meaningless and even irritating to many. Why persist? Is it not high time we at least attempt to be a bit more creative and innovative? And if that is seeming like mission impossible, what about just being a bit more genuine?

Note to PRP’s: check out the July/August briefing by trendwatching.com titled Innovation Insanity for some inspiration on doing things differently.

Or… here’s a cliché for you: “ Flattery will get you … nowhere”.

(Pic: http://www.adliterate.com/archives/Cliche%20Jpeg.JPG)


  1. It's become a norm buddy, thus not as effective, and as you may know bad habits die hard.

  2. ..sad but true.... re: old habits

  3. Thanks for the extra article.