Monday, November 1, 2010

The last lecture

…. is something that kinda makes me sad, happy and excited. Sad that another year has passed…. happy that I made it… excited about what lies ahead. I absolutely love this part of my life journey…. the learning bit that is …. throughout my school says and now at university, even the short courses I did in between like TEFL etc.

Now about that sad part again… I guess the sadness largely comes with the parting of a teacher or lecturer. I have always always revered my teachers and guides in life…. for these are the special people that give me the kind of gift nobody will ever be able to take from me. And with this gift I am able to do much more. I don’t know if it’s possible to thank these special people adequately…. my gratitude certainly runs deep.

Along my TEFL journey last year (the gap year I took before more PR)- I learnt that in South Korea they actually have a whole day dedicated just to teachers… where kids and parents spoil teachers rotten for the entire day. Ain’t that super fantastic??!!! They should really have this everywhere I think.

As sad, happy and excited I once again am ….. it’s the last lecture I hope to have for many more years to come.


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