Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer survival kit for Cape Town

Cape Town is an absolutely perfect place to spend your summer. It’s also usually the time of year when tourists flock. To survive it though, you’ll need a few things, particularly if you’re not Capetonian. Here’s my list what you need to survive a summer in Cape Town:

* Sunscreen
* Cozzie & a towel
* Map of theCity… if you not from around here
* Cape Town Phrase book- idioms included!! (vital for CT also if you not Capetonian)
* An open mind – we’re a rather diverse bunch
* Hat, bandanna or umbrella – or you could risk frying your brains
* Braai tongs – you do know that you have to braai right?
* A picnic basket
* Comfy walking shoes- if you’re exploring
* A machete for the jungle area - naaaaaaaa just kidding:-)
* A biiiiiiiiig smile – we’re super friendly here

And now with your survival kit you’re all set for an amazing summer of beach… braai… laughs and simply too many awesome things to see. Happy times here we come!


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