Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Well of course it is. Its safe, secure, comforting and highly accepted by society. You just know you cannot go wrong. Thing is, how far will it get you in an ever changing world?

For many people, its just way more comforting than living outside of accepted standards and norms. Do what is expected of you and keeping others happy. And I suppose it takes all sorts to keep our world going round…. so, if you find it works for you… great! Little thing, don’t complain when you feel nothing ever changes in your life and you find yourself in cycles same-o same-o. Bitching and moaning about the same problems year in year out could very well be the sign that only you have been resisting change.

Change can be scary and risky yes, opening yourself up to the great unknown. Yet by opening that little door of change, so the unknown becomes the known. Life becomes that adventure you’ve been dreaming about and you reach heights you thought impossible.

So- dip your toe into the ocean of the strange, you may just find that the boogie man under the bed was all in your head.


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