Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Was it Writer’s Block?

I sit, I stare, attempted a start – but not much happened. Feeling an extra need to get something done- I’d actually write … but not feel good about the result. Abort mission.

Was it laziness, fear, procrastination, distraction, the need for perfection … what? … a combination of these?

I haven’t blogged for some time and as more time past and as deadlines approach – I try to figure out this stumbling block. Could it be possible that creativity takes a holiday now and then? Some people have this fancy name for it….writer’s block – which some claim is very real and can result due to just about anything. Then, there are others who say it’s all in your head dude!.... ain’t no such thing as writer’s block.

I’d really like to blame it on a good friend who has dubbed herself my muse and claims she’s been outta it for some time... but the little voice told me I won’t get far with this contention.

If anything, trying to figure out its causes is a pointless waste of energy and time I eventually decide. What to do about it is the question. And for me, simply getting down to it seems to work.

I may not have a hit with my first attempt- but messing around certainly helps. Often I found I’d started out with a particular idea and the end result is something super far from that initial stroke of genius. And- when stuck in the middle of things – I get up do something entirely different - and just get back to it.

I have firmly decided that this thing called writer’s block is simply fear of a horrible result. I have also decided that to conquer this fear, I simply have to do something. So, my final decision?? - action produces inspiration and not the other way round.

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