Friday, October 29, 2010

Life before social media

Elated is about the best word I can think of how I felt today after receiving a postcard from a friend from halfway across the world! Handwritten with stamp and all! Now if that ain’t special – heck I don’t know what is.

It really got me thinking of life before social media and even though its boosted our abilities to communicate at rapid speeds, transcending vast spaces, I think there’re still some things it simply cannot beat. I’m certainly not bombing social media, especially since its facilitated chats with this very same friend, yet some things about the past I just feel are irreplaceable.

So what is it that I miss about life before social media?

• That handwritten, or better yet, homemade birthday card for sure.
• Uninterrupted conversations where people aren’t reaching for their phones every 5 minutes
• Developing pictures for the photo album that creeks when you turn the pages
• Not being that easily contactable and traceable
• Phone calls to simply know you doing and what you been up to

Is there anything you miss about life before social media?


1 comment:

  1. Do not ask if there's anything that I for instance miss.. Thatz gonna open a huge can of worms.. Lol..

    So just for a few..

    I miss going to work, with no cellphone and making that first call...(Should I leave home NOW without a cellphone I will turn back and risk being late instead of going on without it.)

    I miss children playing in the streets around me, now they either watching movies or playing tv games (yes even the poor in bridgetown have tv games). No more skipping or seek till seek played at nite..

    Even my son cannot keep a conversation with me, without a cellphone in his hand.

    I even miss being at my old home... There we had to share everything, even space, five kids in a room was no biggie, now my son gives me a dirty look if his door is closed and I walk into his room without knocking..

    WTF, it's all fuckd up.. LOL