Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why I have conversations

Whether small talk, debate or banter – conversations for me are absolutely necessary to connect with others and my world. Through conversations I am able to not only share my ideas, opinions, experiences and dreams, but also learn from the insights and experiences of others.

People just love to talk…. express themselves and thus, of course, want to be listened to. Bet you’ve come across that someone who just couldn’t stop… er maybe that person may even be you. Thing is, through our conversations, we connect with each other, we engage, we interact and build relationships. And relationships are the stuff that makes our world go round…. whether work or personal… heck even with the self. Yes, we even have conversations with ourselves…. some aloud… others not, don’t even try to deny it.

In the course of our conversations we share, debate and exchange the things of our world… philosophy, art, poetry, love, scandal and the weather. And what is most awesome with social networks of today, not even barriers of time and space can stop our conversations.


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