Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exhibition Gear

No- not what you’ll be wearing at your stand, but those little magic things that help you keep it all together.

For me, an event toolkit is theeeeee most amazing set of titbits that you shouldn’t even think of ignoring. They’re the odds and ends that often result in that special touch of a seemingly flawless stand and the lifesavers of the unexpected.

In my unconventional wisdom at our recent outdoor exhibition, I decided to remove the string from my event toolkit on the last day of the exhibition. Didn’t’ need you for day 1 or 2… what are the chances I would need you for day 3. Of course, day 3 had to be the day Murphy decided to punish me. So the wind picks up a bit and banner decides it’s a good time to lean like the Tower of Pisa. Not cool at all. The back-up plan took about 15 minutes, yet I couldn’t help cursing the string I now didn’t have.

So here’s my list of magic titbits which I consider exhibition lifesavers:

* String
* Prestik
* Cellotape
* Pins
* Pegs
* Scissor
* Elastic bands
* Bull-clips
* Paper clips
* Two-point plug / multi-plug
* …and oh! …did I mention string?


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