Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Green Revolution

My work with a renewable energy business has certainly opened my eyes to the Green Revolution that seems to be sweeping around the world. What makes me rather happy is to see the increased attention, information and awareness out there on greener lifestyles.

Increasingly we find eco- attached to almost everything, with awareness being created by businesses and celebrities alike. Heck, even the Parlotones have embarked on a Carbon-Free campaign.

At the same time, one has to be really careful when buying into the green as amongst these offerings are also the wanna-be’s… attaching a green stamp to what might not necessarily be a green offering. If I may contradict myself a bit here, it is also important to note that being truly green and organic is virtually impossible. Just about everything has a carbon footprint attached to it. The product, for example, may be produced of 100% organic materials, but transporting it from A to B incurred a carbon footprint. And here’s where off-setting our emissions may come in handy.
So before you go out and buy that green product, be sure to do some homework on how green it really is. Things to consider are:

* Where it’s manufactured?
* What materials its made of?
* What makes it organic and green?
* Does the business off-set their emissions in any other way?

In our transition phase from fossil to renewable and alternate energy sources, increasingly we’ll be seeing new green products and service offerings out on the market. When you do find something that’s really helpful and green – share your experience with others. With the Green Revolution now sweeping across SA too, spare a thought for that eco-revolutionary in you.


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