Saturday, October 30, 2010

Die before you die

You know how some people have some message at the end of their emails? Either something about considering the environment before printing or an inspirational quote of some sort. Well, recently I received an email and at the end the sender had “Die before you die”. I couldn’t help but stare at these words for some time.

It made me think of moments somehow. How every past experience we recall was a moment of that time. Some good … some bad… but ultimately just a moment. For me, happiness and love are the stuff of moments.

One thing I know about happiness is that it is not something that can be planned. We often think that when I achieve this or have that… at some point in future … I’ll be happy. Yet nothing ever turns out precisely as planned.

What I’ve also learnt about happiness is that it is not something that cannot be planned. Rather, it’s the recollection of a moment that brought happiness. It just seems to happen along the journey. For me, money and possessions are not the stuff that brings happiness and love. Rather, again, its those precious moments.

I ultimately translated these words as a message of love and the encouragement to live without fear. For when you “die before you die” you learn to really live every single moment and even love what you once feared.


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  1. This is soooo coool.. I was really taken aback by that clause as well, and it got me thinking, In order to live as if you are about to die, you will clearly do everything you want spontaneously and put your all into it..

    Such a pity that very very seldom happens in life..

    Happiness in life, is too short-lived, thank god, i have passed that and reached Contentment..