Monday, October 25, 2010

My top 200 achievements

Since language is so broad and can be interpreted differently – you need to know that I consider an achievement anything that made me do the happy dance after some work or effort. Here goes – in random order ….

1. Made it through school without failing a single year
2. Passed my drivers first time – and no … I didn’t pay anyone or wasn’t wearing a mini
3. Acted in a school theatre play – Oliver Twist actually – played two roles
4. Sang for the school choir – soprano nogal
5. Learnt to swim – although I could improve here quite honestly
6. Learned to play djembe – discovered a great passion in life
7. Performed for audiences – a number of times and still get nervous….we do little gigs… private drum circles and performances… although my gig days are certainly slowing down these days
8. My name printed in a publication – happy danced for hours the first time
9. Graduated with a national diploma in PR – what a high!
10. Organised a youth day arts festival at V&A – blood sweat and tears went into this one- I had no budget & managed to get 13 organisations and artists together to pull off a most stunning event – happy danced for days
11. Organised an exhibition at CTICC from scratch – stand conceptualization…design…. promotional material. Exhibitions = flippin hard work as I’d come to discover
12. Designed a brochure – that’s been reprinted a coupla times and still considered one of the business’ major promotional tools
13. Learnt how to maintain and update a website
14. Designed a website too, but sadly was only live for a few months
15. Explored Amsterdam – the place where warm and friendly people abound - I’m still happy dancing! – what a place! …definitely the highlight of my trip.
16. Learnt how teach English as a foreign language and got TEFL certified
17. Taught English classes to non-locals. South African idioms class by far my favourite
18. Strategically instilled in my nieces the love of books – “library run” and storytelling has become some of our favourite pastimes.
19. Got press and radio coverage for a small business.
20. Conceptualized a few business plans that received funding for the businesses concerned.

For the sake of my not being able to think of all my happy dances right now and for sake of leaving room for many more happy dances to come– this post is “to be continued”.


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  1. It's been a while..

    I like. I admire, and I have total admiration..

    It's still a pleasure knowing you..